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Every horse race has a favorite yet 2 out of 3 time they lose because they are False Favorites!

A look at what is inside the False Favourites horse laying system...

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False Favourites is a horse betting system that was devised and perfected by one of the few people qualified to make such a publication, Jonathan Burgess.

Jonathan Burgess is an accredited Betfair trainer.  Betfair is a giant internet web site where you can place bets on all kinds of gaming including horse racing.  Jon Burgess job at Betfair is to teach people HOW to use Betfair to place bets and make money with betting.

I don't know about you but that sounds like the kind of guy I want in by corner when it comes to learning how to make consistent profitable bets on horses.

Below is a screenshot of Mr Burgess web site where you can download false favourites directly and immediately.

What IS the False Favourites system of horse racing betting?

The core of the false favourites lay system of betting on horses is sound and intelligent and based upon a couple of cold hard facts when it comes to horse racing:

  1. Every horse race has a favorite which is a horse that the majority of betters think is a good horse and likely to win the race.
  2. Did you know that out of every 3 random horse races a favorite only wins once?!  That is a fact.  That means that on average 2 out of every three races the favorites loses which means the betting public (the people controlling the horse betting money) are wrong.

If ALL you did was bet on a favorite to lose merely by throwing a dart at a dartboard while you are blindfolded you would win more than half the time and show a profit!!

Add to that the dozens and dozens of additional tips, secrets, and tricks, in the false favourites lay system and there is no way you can't come out ahead and make money with horse race betting!

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